The Great Protector

The United States government continually creates an atmosphere of fear for its citizens.  We are told that the government has to wage war in order to wipe out opposition that wishes to hurt us.  First, we had to save the communists from themselves, bringing war to nations around the world because we decided communism was evil.  Now, the US government has essentially labeled the Middle East as dangerous and the cause of our problems; terrorism, oil prices(which affect all inflation), war.  We are told we must stop them before they stop us.  We must be preemptive.  With tension in Iran brewing, we may be seeing a new front by the end of the year, hopefully not.

Is this starting to sound familiar?  Re-read what I just wrote and substitute US related terms to “Hitler” and “Middle East/Iran” for “The Jewish population”. Frightening isn’t it?

For years, the United States has told us who needs to be stopped, in fact, they are the ones who need to be stopped.  We do not protect people to save them, we protect them for our own interest.

Why America Needs an Enemy

Hey Muslims!  We’re coming for you!  Yes, it’s true, America has found a new enemy of “freedom” and will do anything they can to restrict your rights in the name of defending you from “them”.  But, this is probably not news to you, you can probably think back to before September 11th 2001 when Muslims were just people who followed Islam; before they were “terrorists” or “godless” people who “hate freedom” and “repress women”.  The truth is, America has had a long history of enemies of the State, and the government has regularly violated it’s own policies in order to keep people in order.  It started before we were even a country, the British taking the proverbial crown as our first enemy prior to the Revolution.  Who did the Revolution benefit?  Were the working stiffs any better off after the British left?  With the ink still drying on the Bill of Rights, the government had even the nerve to cite its own people as “enemies’ with the passage of the Alien and Sedition Acts.  Since the 19th Century, we’ve hosted a good amount of new enemies; the Native Americans, Blacks, Irish, The North or South (depending upon your side), Mexicans, Spanish, Germans, the government has always had an ethnic or regional group to point their finger at and say “I need to violate your rights in order to protect us all from THESE PEOPLE!”
This was the norm, but it wasn’t until the Cold War that the government fully realized the potential a State of fear could bring.  After WWII, we quickly turned our backs to our communist allies in the Soviet Union; we interrogated, killed, and detained suspected communists in the name of freedom…how ironic!  For years, the government repressed free speech, the right to assemble, to privacy and other rights GUARANTEED to us by our constitution.  The Cold War raged for decades, but eventually, we lucked out and Soviet communism collapsed.  The 1990s brought massive change, growth, and decadence to the USA.  We were enjoying our victory, making money, riding the new internet and PC wave, and rightfully so, we were creating and deserved to reap the reward.  But the State had no one they could point the finger at to scare us into giving up our rights.  They tried using Latino immigrants, but people are more afraid of dying than they are losing their jobs.  But alas, their wish came true, and on September 11th 2001, they were given the opportunity to turn America back into a “Fear State” when 19 men cold bloodedly terrorized our people.  Now, what these men did scared us all, and it should, but to me, what the government has done since is more frightening.  We’ve judged an entire religion based upon the actions of 19 men and their terror organization.  Claiming that Muslims are dangerous, or are terrorists, is like claiming that because of the existence of the KKK or Neo-Nazism, all Christians hate Blacks, Jews, Latinos, etc…  Even more so, we have given back so many guaranteed rights we once enjoyed.  With the passage of the Patriot Act and NDAA, we’ve told the government: “Go ahead, snoop through my personal life, hold us without charge or evidence, violate the Constitution, just don’t let me get hurt!”  And now coming soon: internet censorship via SOPA and PIPA!  “Control what information I can access!”
We are brewing a new form of Fascism, where we give up our rights to the State for protection from “the enemy.”  Hitler burned his Reichstag, Nero burned Rome, Mussolini consolidated his power over his people; is this the company we want to keep?  Now, Republicans are gaining votes in Jewish communities, which were once considerably Democratic, due to their hard-stance against Iran and Islam.  I advise the Jewish population in the USA, to be careful whom you’re trusting.  15 years ago, these same people you’re voting for probably would have condemned your neighborhoods and the validity of Israel.  First they are coming for Islam, but eventually they’ll get around to coming for you too, then every other population that the feel they can exploit to garnish fear in the public.
I know… this sounds crazy… right?  Do you think Jews in Poland thought people would go along with Hitler relocating and eventually exterminating them?  Do you think that the general American public would typically say “no, we don’t need a proper trial!” or that we would actually give diseased blankets to freezing people in order to kill them off? That Hutus in Rwanda though that Tutsi would actually kill off half of their population?  No, of course not.  We always imagine that someone will step in at some point and stop it before it gets too out of control; it can’t happen to us!  The question is how long do we play the game before we realize that it’s getting out of control?  Right now, hypothetically, we could be in the early stages of such oppression.  Again, it sounds crazy, but think: We’ve given up the right to be charged with a crime before being detained, our speech is being limited, our access to information is at stake, we’re allowing the government to instill martial if they deem it necessary, we’ve given the government clearance to spy on us.  I truly hope we do not go down this road, but we’ve opened up Pandora’s box and we’ve created the option.  To me, the option is frightening enough.

Jesus is a Communist

Go ahead, google it.  You’ll find various New Testament excerpts which highlight Jesus Christ’s adoration of the poor and humble.  The GOP leaders, many media outlets, and citizens around the nation regularly cite their faith in God (let us clarify that they mean only the “Christian” God, and regularly forget is the same god as Judaic God/Jehovah and Allah – all the same guy!), yet they condemn social welfare programs to help the less fortunate as well as pull a victim card as “Christmas is under attack.”  Well, are you aware that you are acting in direct opposition of your beloved Christ?  In the New Testament, Jesus makes it very clear where he stands as far as capitalism and social welfare.

“Sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven” Luke 18:22

“For it is easier for a camel to go through a needle’s eye, than a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God” Luke 18:25[1]

Whoa!  Can you believe that commy bastard?!?  Giving possessions to the poor?  Restricting a rich man’s entrance to heaven?  That son of a bitch sounds like Lenin himself!  Oh wait, that is supposed to be your highest role model and deity.  It sounds to me like Washington needs to pay attention the man that they all claim runs their lives (during election season at least).  It seems clear as to why people originally gravitated towards Jesus of Nazareth (and eventually corrupted his message), but are his modern followers necessarily on track? 

So which is it Christian Washington?  Are we going to help the rich even thought Jesus alludes that they are unholy people?  Or do we help the people who need it, who Jesus claims are the rightful inhabitants of heaven.  Do we continue to feed the Monster and push the feudal ideas that the poor will be rewarded in the afterlife while continually repressing them for elitist benefit?  If you’re as faithful of a Christian as you say, there’s only one choice, and it’s not what you’re doing.

[1] Holy Bible (King James Version)

Destroying the Monster

(See: Feeding the Monster two posts below)

The Monster has dictated everything we know about the world.  What we learn in school, what we buy, what we are sexually attracted to; every last detail of our lives is subconsciously dictated by the monster.  The Monster is similar to the Hindu Ohm; Just like God is everything and everything is part of God, the Monster is everything and everything is a part of the Monster.  This begs the questions, “how do I slay this monster if it is part of me?  Won’t I die too?”  Simply, yes you will.  Killing the Monster kills the world we know, our parents know, and the Western world has known for most of recent history.  Like any monster of mythology, it will not be easy to kill nor will it give up without a fight.  It will resurrect, and call us out to fight over and over again. Our civilization has grown complacent with the Monster telling us how to live; it has brought us iPhones, television, automobiles, this very blog, and so many other amenities that we regularly enjoy.  People will not forsake these luxuries.  I am in no way saying that I know how to kill the Monster, nor do I advocate a Luddite-styled return to the dark ages of machinery.  I am simply saying that the more we feed this monster, the more power we give him.  Like all monsters, he will eventually run out of food and look to us for more, when we feed him all that we have, what happens?  Right now, the Monster is content with the meals we are serving, but eventually we’ll run out, and he still needs to eat…Eventually, we the people, will be his main course.

Keep it up.

Keep it up.

Feeding the Monster

Franklin Roosevelt, amid New Deal reforms, possibly the closest the USA has come to socialistic legislation, was condemned by a wealthy friend.  To paraphrase, the friend said something to the extent of “FDR, you are going to ruin us!” (“us” meaning the elite ruling class) FDR responded and simply said, “My friend, with this, I am going to SAVE us!”  Roosevelt knew at that time that if the masses were not appeased with social programs that would make their lives just slightly better; they would grow evermore upset with the elite and the government.
That mentality mixed with the failed economy left the USA ripe for revolution, a new start, a new government, and a complete cleansing of policy.  Seventy-five years later, it is clear, the government and “integrity” of the United States was saved by FDR, but for whom?  We are back to the same point America was at when FDR first appeased us.  We have two roads to choose from:  The first road is paved, not in gold, but in asphalt, laid by workers, not policymakers (the days of America’s golden roads are over).  Soon enough, the government will respond to calls like Occupy Wall Street and offer a new social program package, most likely a tax on the wealthiest 1%.  The masses will most likely accept this for it is the easy road. We give high fives and say “we won!’  But we haven’t, we will be back at this crossroads.  We regularly joke about “history repeating itself;” well, here we go again… and again… and again.
The second road is not as pleasant to look down; it is not yet paved.  We stare down this road and realize that capitalism is a living creature, a monster, hell bent on doing anything which keeps it alive.    This monster has been in charge for 300 years and has grown strong.  Since we’ve lived with this monster watching over us our whole lives, we hardly notice that it is a monster; it is just “the way it is.”  We are the fish that have yet to discover water because we are immersed in it.  Our choices are clear:  We must either slightly decrease the Monster’s rations, or completely destroy the monster.  Many people will decide that it is easier to live with a hungry monster than it is to take it on and fight it to the death.

First they came for our First Amendment rights.

This week, we have seen more and more backlash towards the Occupy movement.   For two consecutive days, the NY Post as fNY Post Front Pageeatured anti-Occupy front-page headlines and has been promoting the “backfiring” of the movement.  I suppose it isn’t surprising that Rupert Murdoch and NewsCorp are anti-99%.  Furthermore, we have seen growing resentment and intense violence across the world against the movement. 

At an Occupy Oakland rally last week, police fired tear gas and flash grenades at the protesters (see video).  Is this really what our country has come to:  police brutalizing peaceful protesting?  The United States of America, the world’s beacon of democracy and perpetual finger shaker, has resorted to the tactics of the countries we call our “enemies.”  Think about the types of countries who use police forces to attack their own people. Libya, Egypt, and Iran come to mind, and in the past year alone we have resoundingly condemned their actions (see video: “What we are seeing in Iran today is a testament to the Iranian people” – Hillary Clinton).  

Left or Right, politicians have regularly spoken out against the actions used against revolutionaries in the aforementioned nations; the USA has even sent military forces to support rebellion!  Now, we are using the same brutality on our own people for demonstrating the same ideals and end to government and corporate corruption.  It seems clear that the majority of citizens in our great nation know that the government and major corporations are in bed together, the question is will we let them use their media machine to convince us otherwise?

Police attack on Occupy Oakland:
Similar situation in Iran earlier this year:
President Obama’s response to Iran:

Socialism: The Benevolent ‘Dirty Word’

For decades, Americans have commonly resorted to insulting each other with terms that have become slurs; “communist” and “socialist” have been used in daily speech as freely as “Nazi” and “fascist.”  The wrongdoings of the Nazis and Third Reich are so banal that we never question someone when they use “Nazi” as an insult, but how often do examine the context in which “Commy” is used to denigrate?  Of course, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and a slew of others have committed genocide, restricted free thought and destroyed the lives of their people, but is democracy necessarily any better?  The United States, the “Daddy of Democracy,” exterminated, almost entirely, the native population, stole half Mexico, and remained one of the last bastions of human slavery.  Argentina freely elected Juan Peron, a Nazi sympathizer who granted asylum to many Nazi leaders on the run, and let’s not forget the first democracy, in Ancient Greece, which sentenced Socrates to death out of fear of questioning the government and religious authority. Sound familiar?

When Marx outlined the struggle for equality over 150 years, he focused on class warfare.  Today, Romney, Perry, and Obama alike will cite “class warfare” as a problem facing the United States, something to be avoided.  They are right.  Class warfare is imminent, and the reason Obama, Perry, et al. are trying to avoid the topic is because they are members of the minority elitist class; they need to save their own necks from the masses (which we now refer to as the 99%).  Capitalism inherently divides people; the system itself is based upon making more money than the next guy.  Capitalism itself creates class warfare while socialism tries to circumvent social inequalities with government-imposed regulations.  As we continue down this path, class warfare becomes a more realistic and more logical alternative to what we are seeing now: repression of the middle and lower classes.